Race and rape can’t be separated


We work in solidarity with Indigenous, Black, racialized, and other artists and communities that are affected by layered intersections of inequalities. Trans, Queer, gender seeking and non conforming persons and politics are also central in our mission, as are those of disabled, sex working, immigrant, migrant and youth communities. Roadshow Directors actively support anti-violence host agencies to work with artists and participants from those groups.


Our analysis of sexual violence recognizes the systemic role of government, legal, penal, medical, military and too many other  institutions in benefiting from and perpetuating those acts –  especially against nations experiencing  colonization and racism. We aim to be inclusive of, grow with, and learn from the work of Trans and cis identified women and men, gender non conforming, Queer and Two Spirited persons and from youth generally.


While we can never minimize or negate the pain and suffering of sexually assaulted persons (the vast majority of whom identify as cis and Trans women), trauma has become a singular lens through which we view them.  The Roadshow incorporates women’s agency, ability to act – their joy and hope into our politic and provides everyone involved a place to do the same through art.