Sexual Assault: The Roadshow In Nipissing and North Bay for October

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Sexual Assault: the Roadshow was launched at The Big Medicine Studio on the Nipissing First Nations Reserve (October 3rd to 9th).

It will also travel throughout the City of North Bay including:
North Bay Police Service (Oct 10-15);
Nipissing University (Oct. 16 to 22)
and North Bay City Hall. (Oct. 23 to 29).

For Open House and Workshop dates and times at each location, Please visit:

The North Bay Roadshow is hosted by Amelia Rising and the artist in residence is  Meg Lozicki Paulin

Sexual Assault: The Roadshow in Ottawa

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Sexual Assault: The Roadshow
250 Montreal Road August 3rd-28th

Attend the Launch on August 3rd at 11 am

Babley Shades is partnering with the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa (SASC) to bring The Roadshow to Ottawa for the month of August.

Workshops for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and Sex Worker communities will be presented. Admission is free.

You know how art has the power to change things? Sexual Assault: The Roadshow is a participatory art gallery in a shipping container. It’s travelling to 15 cities over a three year period. At each stop local artists work with the local anti-violence agency and participants to create art that talks back to sexual violence. Ottawa is it’s ninth stop! Check out for photos and details.

*Ottawa artists include: Mahvash Mortazavi, YamiKani Msosa, Roselyne DJ & more!
*For workshop descriptions, times and details on when The Roadshow will be open to the public click here.

Sexual Assault: The Roadshow In Renfrew County

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The Roadshow is a pop-up, participatory art gallery in a shipping container. It’s a community arts education project funded by the Ontario Arts Council that will travel on a flatbed truck to fifteen cities/towns/areas in Ontario from 2016 to 2018. The Women’s Sexual Assault Centre will work in solidarity with local artists and community participants to create, curate and exhibit art that “talks back” to sexual violence.

Sept. 6th – 11am-3pm * Official Opening!
Sept. 7th – 3pm-7pm
Sept. 8th – 4pm-8pm
Sept. 11th – 11am-3pm & 4pm-6pm
Sept 12th – 11am-3pm
Sept. 13th – 11am-3pm
Sept. 14th – 3pm-7pm – Workshop: Hands of Change (Youth led)
Sept. 15th 4pm-8pm – Workshop: Sing out for Consent Culture!


Sexual Assault: The Roadshow is Coming to Peterborough in Honour of May’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month

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The Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre and participating artists welcome Sexual Assault: The Roadshow to Peterborough for May’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

 KSAC and Artists Statement:

“Facing Faceless” is a project about sexual violence and harassment prevention that addresses a culture normalizing sexual violence and degrading women. 

A core group of four local and professional artists, will collectively examine the objectification of women, the invisibility of survivors of sexual violence, and the national silence around the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women. As a community, we have become entrenched in the digital world and disconnected from face-to-face communication which is deteriorating empathy. Artist/Playwright and Aboriginal cultural curator Anne Taylor, will join Micky Renders, social activist, teacher and artist, as well as Barb Hawthorn, artist, and Shelley King, artist and puppeteer in exploring this theme. They will confront how we face facelessness as witnesses, survivors and bystanders, by revealing our inner wisdom, by reclaiming our power and identity, and by looking towards art, culture and ancestors to find resiliency, strength and voice. 

Through “Facing Faceless,’ we will build community-wide conversations, informed by Indigenous cultural competency, to address the issues of sexual violence perpetrated against 100% of local indigenous women and girls (according to a 2015 needs assessment), and young women ages 15 to 24 through online and dating violence. Working with a variety of media, these artists will connect with community through workshops at PCVS and weekly exhibition in the Sexual Assault Road Show to promote May 2017’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

For workshop and exhibition descriptions, dates and times see: