Jane Doe is a sexual assault author, educator and activist. Her 1998 civil suit against the Toronto Police set legal precedent and is taught in law schools in Canada and internationally (Jane Doe v Metropolitan Toronto Commissioners of Police.)

Her book, The Story of Jane Doe: A Book about Rape (Random House 2004), is part of course studies in high schools, colleges and universities.  Jane is a former punk rocker, prison abolitionist, sex worker ally and general subversive who has always used art in her work. She is a popular lecturer and has developed, conferences, workshops, policy and curriculum on sexual assault, all of its intersections and its systematic nature.

She has published research on the sexual assault evidence kit (SAEK), the publication ban, and police warnings. She is against them all.  Jane has received numerous awards for her body of work including two honourary doctorates in law. She is a regular contributor to NOW Magazine. You can read her articles here: https://nowtoronto.com/topics/jane-doe/

Painting of Jane Doe by Shary Boyle