Tour Stop #3: At the Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton with Heidi Cho

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In August 2016, Hamilton artist Heidi Cho worked with SACHA (Sexual Assault Centre of Hamilton) to create large scale posters and a zine to be used for public education.

Zines are self-published booklets that feature poetry, collages, comics, writing, drawing…anything really! Zines allow us to challenge mainstream media, by telling our stories how we want them to be told. Using markers, pens, glue-sticks, magazines, pencil crayons and paper, participants were given the opportunity to make a collaborative ‘zine as well as their own personal zine.

Artist Bio

Heidi Cho is a survivor who makes art. She makes comics and zines on themes around mental health, queerness, family and navigating the world as a queer survivor of colour. She is currently working on a new comic on her personal experiences re-defining healthy relationships.

You can check our her art at or