Lillian Allen and Jane Doe



Jane Doe

Project Director

Jane Doe is a sexual assault author, educator and activist.  Her successful 1998 civil suit against the Toronto Police set legal precedent and is taught in law schools in Canada and internationally (Jane Doe v Toronto Police Force.)  Her book, The Story of Jane Doe: A book about rape (Random House 2004), is part of course studies in high schools, colleges and universities.  Jane is a former punk rocker, prison abolitionist, sex worker ally and general subversive who has always used art in her work. READ MORE…

Lillian Allen

Artistic Director

Lillian Allen is an award winning and internationally renowned poet, arts activist and writer. She is a cultural strategist and professor of creative writing (Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto). As one of its lead originators, she specializes in the writing and performing of the highly political form of dub poetry; the predecessor to rap, hip hop and spoken word. She has opened up the form for women. READ MORE…



Alexia Bréard-Anderson

Creative Admin

Alexia Bréard-Anderson is an Argentinean-Canadian writer, curator and arts administrator who strives to create spaces that promote cultural empowerment through connection and collaboration. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of LEXIQUETTE: an arts & culture website that highlights feature interviews with emerging artists.

Tyler Grey Sewell


Tyler Grey Sewell is the graffiti artist and poet who brought his vision and skills to the style and appearance of the Roadshow container.



B.A.N.D. (Black Artists Network in Dialogue)

Native Women in the Arts

The OCRCC, (Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres) 

and Red Sky Performance.


The ongoing support and labour of friends, colleagues and artists in the first year of The Roadshow are also responsible for its success. Thank you so much.


Kevin Araya and his team at JP Storage went out of their way to deliver The Roadshow container and get it parked in some tricky places.  Their kindness and support is appreciated.  We were treated the same by Robert Reed at King Con Storage where we stored the container in the winter months.