Our Artistic Directors

 – Each of these artists brings their vision, an analysis of sexual violence and a practiced awareness of the power of art to subvert and transform. Their work spans decades and is award winning; it shifts and moves to address a multitude of disciplines and issues, and to reflect their cultural and spiritual histories. They will work with participants at each Roadshow stop to develop their own creative potential and to create art in multiple forms that subverts traditional responses to sexual violence. The old ones aren’t working.

Areas they will explore in workshops include sexual violence as it relates to women and homelessness, Deaf and Blind women, Transgender communities, racialized youth and Indigenous persons. They will use their arts and smarts, their hope and joy to do so, and create space for participants to do the same. Each workshop includes a participant who is a sexual violence worker from a participating local agency. Artists and agencies are paid for their work.