Tour Stop #4: Toronto City Hall with Apanaki Temitayo M and Mosa McNeilly

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In September of 2016, The Roadshow was officially launched at Toronto City Hall. Workshops were led by African Canadian artists Apanaki Temitayo Minerve  and Mosa McNeilly. They informed and guided participants through workshops that supported the creation of art through drumming, spirituality, African textiles and painting. 

RADICAL ACTS OF RESILIENCY: Ritual, Reclamation and Self-Love with Mosa McNeilly

Mosa McNeilly is a visual artist, performer, spiritual practitioner, researcher, educator and editor. Working through interdisciplinary research methodologies she investigates themes of Black radical imagination, Middle Passage memory and embodying the Sacred as creative praxes of freedom and self realization. 

Channelling Orisha Warriors Workshop with Apanaki Temitayo M

Born in Toronto and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Apanaki Temitayo M is an author, spoken word poet, actor, multimedia artist and teacher. Using African textiles, her canvas compositions are an expression of her Trinidadian heritage and spirituality.