Sexual Assault: The Roadshow is a pop-up, participatory art gallery in a shipping container.  It’s a community arts education project that will travel on a flatbed truck to fifteen cities/towns/areas in Ontario from 2016 to 2018. At each stop, we work in solidarity with local anti-violence agencies, artists and community participants to create, curate and exhibit art that “talks back” to sexual violence.

You know how art has the power to make us think differently about things?  

How it can let us “in” to difficult subjects? 

You know how our systems are failing those of us who’ve experienced sexual assault? 

Sexual Assault: The Roadshow provides opportunities to create new narratives in an artistic language that will disrupt, challenge and subvert legal, media and state practice about sexual violence.  The old ones aren’t working.


Through the power of art in it’s many forms (visual arts, spoken word, writing, film/video, dance, performance, posters and more), Roadshow participants can explore their responses to sexual violence in creatively freeing ways that strengthen their individual voices with resistance and empowerment.


The Roadshow container serves as meeting, workshop and public exhibition space and we are committed to traveling to parts of the province that do not receive funding and services available in larger cities.  We provide honorariums to the host anti-violence agency, the artist(s) involved and to participants.  We respect that together they will make artistic, workshop  and curatorial decisions and creation specific to the needs of their communities.


Roadshow hosts are encouraged to park the container in a public space and it’s been modified to allow for privacy. The very physicality of the container itself causes us to pause – if only for a moment – to think and reflect differently.  Imagine seeing it on the 401 as it passes you on a flatbed truck, at city hall, in a park, shopping mall or up in the stacks in a winter storage facility.  The community engagement and involvement The Roadshow inspires is essential if we are to develop meaningful solutions to sexual violence.